Architects and Engineers

Quantum is particularly concerned with architects and engineering professionals involved in floor design, specification, and construction. 

We are ready to provide all the technical data and support to cover all your needs in all stages of your project´s development. We´ll discuss high performance solutions, all your project´s technical details and demands, considering your budget and expected design. 

Technical Information Products

Ask us for the latest information on the wide range of Quantum floor systems. Our Technical Data sheets offer product descriptions, suggested uses and recommendations. 


Engineering details

Ask us for the latest specs and engineering details for all Quantum floor, wall and lining systems. 

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The world of resinous seamless high performance floors constantly evolving. Quantum has innovated the industry for over more than three decades. If you are an engineer, architecture or maintenance professional, ask for our regular newsletter and stay updated with the latest releases.

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Quantum Floor Systems is a premier manufacturer and distributor of high performance polymer floor and lining systems for industrial, commercial and residential environments. 


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Quantum is present in some of the major industry's trade shows